PhotoSort 2.4

Quickly find all duplicated photos on your hard drive

Similar and duplicate photo finding app optimized for speed and simiplicity.

PhotoSort is a fast, compact and easy to use utility for finding and removing duplicate pictures. Its advanced engine will locate duplicates even if they are of a different type, have different size, different brightness, contrast or even some of them have added elements like text or logos!

Whether your job requires you to work with large quantities of images, you collect family photos or just download images from the internet, PhotoSort will save you time and help you better organize your photo collection.

It will sort images by similarity and show you resulting groups for which you define the similarity level. After you decide which images you do not need it will delete or move them somewhere else for you. As you will see, PhotoSort is so easy to use that you will start finding duplicates the moment you run the program for the first time.